Technical specifications

Nominal Voltage
Continuous Current
Maximum current

Weight with CH-rocker
Weight with DB-rocker
Max. speed
Static contact pressure
Operating temperature

Construcion height (inkl. insulators)
Min. working height
Max. lift height

Operating pressure
Lifting time to max. lift height
Drawdown time from max. lift height

Automatic Drop System
25'000 VAC
500 A
900 A

ca. 132 kg
ca. 134 kg
230 km/h
70 - 85 N
-25°C to +45°C

605 mm
200 mm
2300 mm
2500 mm

ca. 3 bar
< 10 s
< 6 s

with compressed air monitored contact strips
Pantograf, Pantografo, Panto, Pantograph, Stromabnehmer
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