Technical specifications: RM 531

Operating temperature
Actuation pressure
Air consumtion / cycle of operation
Service life
Shock resistance

Nominal Voltage
nominal frequency
Peak voltage [periodic]
Nominal current [thermic]
Breaking current
Nominal short-time current
Nominal peak current
Turn-on time
Turn-off time

Control circuit voltage
Power input control circuit


Grounding disconnector

-35°C to +70°C
5 to 10 bar
250'000 cycle of operation
ca. 115kg
according IEC 61373

15kV / 25kV
16.7Hz / 50Hz
19kV / 30kV
1'000 A
25 kA
40 kA; 100ms
63 kA
< 60ms
< 60ms


Creepage distance / clearance
according EN50124-1
manual; 100'000 cycle of operation
Hautpschalter, Main Circuit Breaker
Main Switch

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